Recent highlights

Emotive Photography

Each photographer has their own style.
I favour unscripted moments that captures in a way you rarely see yourself in… You in all your delightful details; from the way your hair wafts in the wind, to the subtle mannerisms that make you unforgettable.

Wedding Photography

My Mission and Vision

I’ve been in the news industry for going on 20 years, often telling stories using just my images. Now, I’ve brought the same vision and intent found in photojournalism to tell your stories.

Newborn photography

How it Works

Newborn Photography requires safety and patience. This is why sessions are scheduled in 3-hour slots. Setting up each shot takes about 20 minutes.
Please do not look at the final product and assume you can do this on your own. My statement is not sales speak. Newborn photography is a highly specialised field and safety during a session cannot be more emphasised.

Maternity Sessions

Family photography

What I Focus On

Each photographer has their own style.
I favour unscripted moments that capture subtle gestures, cute quirks and true love. Love can’t be faked and yours is breathtaking just the way it is.

Celebrities and events

I was framed!!!

Yes, haha, these are actually my shots of these famous people!
(I get asked that a lot)

Product Photography

… and graphic design

Stock images

Contact Me

Thank you for your interest in my work. I’m so glad you visited.
There’s also a chance for you to have your unique event photographed by me for free.
I’m available on 081-370-9624 or